Urgent: Help Us Protect the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District from Modern Development

We need your help over the next few days.

On Monday, December 11th, at 6:00 PM, the Historic Preservation Commission will be meeting to discuss an application to build a modern house in the heart of our Historic District. This structure, if allowed, will completely change the character of this unique antebellum milling community that has endured remarkably unchanged over the past couple of hundred years. If you have ever driven through the Covered Bridge, past Ruff’s Grist Mill, the Miller’s House, and the Rock House, you know how unique this area is, and how protected it has been from modern encroachment.

Cobb County created this Historic District in 1986 precisely to protect it from modern developments, and to preserve the land in its existing and natural state. The Historic District designation protects the character of the area by requiring any new structures built in the district to be reviewed by the Historic Preservation Commission, which will determine if the proposed structure is “Appropriate” or not.

Here are some photos from this web site showing the existing character of the immediate area surrounding the proposed structure:

Here is the proposed modern structure to be built adjacent to the Rock House, taken from the applicant’s submission to the HPC:

Here is a overhead view of the proposed structure location in the district:

The proposed structure is adjacent to the Rock House, 380 feet from the Covered Bridge, 500 feet from the Grist Mill, and 625 feet from the Miller’s House, all structures on the National Register of Historic Places.

According to Cobb County law, “the commission shall deny a certificate of appropriateness if it finds that the proposed material changes in appearance would have substantial adverse effects on the aesthetic, historic or architectural significance and value of the historic property or the historic district.” (Section 66-85 of Article IV). We would like the Commission to deny this application on December 11th.

What can you do to help?

  1. Attend the Historic Preservation Commission meeting on Monday, December 11th, at 6:00 PM and help persuade the Commission that this modern structure is NOT appropriate. You can click this link to automatically add this event to your calendar. The meeting is at the Board of Commissioner’s meeting room on the second floor of 100 Cherokee Street, Marietta, GA 30090.

  2. Send me a quick email indicating your opinion of the proposed structure before Monday’s meeting. I will take it to the meeting and let your opinion be heard. Email me at philip.ivester@concordcoveredbridge.org. You can also CC Mandy Elliott, our Historic Preservation Planner, at mandy.elliott@cobbcounty.org

  3. Tell your friends! Share this link on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, or whatever social media service you use. Cobb County responds to public input.

Thank you for your help in preserving this unique area for the future!

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