Ruff’s Mill Battlefield Report Now Available

This weekend we celebrate the Fourth of July, our country’s independence. Readers of this blog will also know that it is the 158th anniversary of the Battle of Ruff’s Mill, fought along Concord Road near the Concord Covered Bridge in 1864.This battle was a linchpin in the Atlanta campaign, and the ultimate capture of Atlanta. The National Park Service recently funded extensive research into what remains of this battlefield site, and the resulting report is now available.

The Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge organization has printed up a few dozen hard copies of the report that are now available to interested members for the cost of printing.

The resulting report pieces together fascinating details of the battle that have remained completely forgotten until 2022. The LAMAR Institute conducted exhaustive research during the pandemic, employing all manner of technologies including ground-penetrating radar, controlled metal detector surveys, unit tests, portable X-Ray Fluorescence analysis, architectural analysis of historic structures, archival research, laboratory analysis, and human remains discovery dogs.

Beyond the military campaign itself, the report goes in-depth into life in Cobb County in the 1860s. This report includes perspectives of women, children, African Americans (both enslaved and freed), and everyday civilians affected by the Civil War. Numerous maps, diaries, photographs, letters, and aerials supplement the narrative and make this report a valuable research tool for future use.

Paperback copies printed by the Friends of Concord Covered Bridge group are available to members for the low price of $25. If you are not a member of the group, you can join here for $21 per year through this link. After purchase, we can arrange local pickup of the report in the Smyrna area (near the Covered Bridge). If you are not in the Smyrna area but interested in the report, wait for another week or so — we are working out details on shipping. The online version of the report can be viewed at The LAMAR Institute’s website, report number 230.

Here is the link for members to purchase a physical copy of the report:

Enjoy this Fourth of July weekend, and read about the sacrifices made during the Battle of Ruff’s Mill. Thanks!

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