Ruff’s Grist Mill

The grist mill in front of the miller’s house dates to the 1850s. It had an overshot water wheel at its north side, fed by a mill race carrying water from the dam upstream from the covered bridge. Because of an ample water supply, the mill was able to do a large business of grinding corn and making flour. The last miller removed the wheel and all equipment when he sold the property. The mill building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

Photo from the collection of Pat Burns

This grist mill is most likely the mill depicted on battle maps Sherman’s engineers prepared when invading Atlanta in 1864.


NRHP Photo, April 1980, James R. Lockhart

NRHP Photo, April 1980, James R. Lockhart

Concord grist mills are being prepared for merchant work in meal. Two sets of stones with bolting attachment will be put on for corn at once. The mill is capable of doing a large business as, as the water power is ample. (Marietta Journal, June 26, 1890).

November 25, 1910 Advertisement in the Marietta Journal


This structure is on private property and is not open to the public.

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