Concord Covered Bridge Repairs and Cobb County Honored for Innovation

The Georgia Partnership for Transportation Quality has selected the Concord Covered Bridge Rehabilitation Project as one of its prestigious winners, recognizing Cobb County DOT and consultant Arcadis for a challenging task done well.

James Hudgins, CCDOT Director Erica Parish, Karyn Matthews, Alisha Smith, and Tyler Denning. Photo: Marwan Abboud.

The Covered Bridge project, one of three awards won by Cobb Department of Transportation, was selected for the category: Sensitive Planning and Design including Public Participation.

This award recognizes the important role the planning process plays in determining the best overall solution. The project must not only achieve meaningful public involvement via innovative techniques, but also must develop context sensitive transportation solutions. The previous year’s wining design was the reconstruction of Interstate-16 and Interstate-75 Interchange in Macon, Georgia. Criteria for judging includes:

Successfully Encouraged Public Participation

Facilitated Cooperative Input from Reviewing Agencies

Evidenced Coordinated Planning with Local Interests

Developed Solutions to Avoid and Minimize Impacts

The Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District worked together with the design and construction teams throughout 2017 to make sure that the landmark bridge was treated in a historically appropriate manner. Cobb DOT invited us to contribute ideas including the application of a fire retardant sealant to the bridge to help protect against the possibility of loss by fire.

Congratulations to Cobb DOT, Aracadis, and the Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District for their work leading up to this award!

You can read more about the Rehabilitation project here, here, and here.

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