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Just a few hundred yards eastward on the Silver Comet Trail from the Concord Road trailhead is a side trail leading to a very important part of Cobb County history. As the twisty path winds downward toward Nickajack Creek, the impressive ruins of the Concord Woolen Mill will appear for your exploration.

Sometimes referred to as Nickajack Factory, the Woolen Mill began operations about 1847 and, along with the grist mill located at the covered bridge, this area was one of the first sites of industrial development in Cobb County. One day as you are waiting to cross the bridge, take time to look over on the upstream side where you can see the remains of the dam that once made Nickajack Creek a reliable source of power to these mills.

Robert Daniell and Martin Ruff are the primary two gentlemen credited with developing and operating these industries providing employment to the new settlers in the community which had become known as Mill Grove. Several old maps show Mill Grove at this location which included the mills, a church, a school, a general store, and even a post office that operated from 1837-1870.

July 4, 1864 was a memorable date as the Union Troops arrived and burned the bridge and the mills as part of the Battle of Ruff’s Mill. But by 1869 the Woolen Mill was rebuilt and re-opened with the Marietta Journal proclaiming the mill to be “One of greatest enterprises that Southern ingenuity and capital has brought into existence” with 32 looms, 600 spindles, and 52 operators.

The mill was later sold, burned, rebuilt again, and sold again until electricity changed the world and the mill closed for good about 1912. As you visit the ruins, your eyes will see the forest taking over. But in your mind, you may imagine horses and wagons, workers and bosses, suppliers and buyers, all busy with the business of establishing new lives here in Cobb County.

These backstories about the origins of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District will be included as a part of our exceptional Tour of Homes. You will be enchanted with the rich narrative; filled with historical facts about the unique figures who settled this part of Cobb County. Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this Historic Event.

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