District 4 Commissioner – Runoff Election August 11th.

There will be a runoff election August 11th for the District 4 County Commissioner. The two remaining candidates are Monique Sheffield and Shelia Edwards, both on the Democratic ticket. Cobb County’s District 4 Commissioner race held a primary in May with several well qualified, committed political newcomers running for the position to replace Commissioner Lisa Cupid. Cupid is now running for the Commission Chair seat which will be on the November ballot. Since no single candidate received enough votes, a runoff election will be held.

To better get to know the runoff candidates, Friends of the Concord Covered Bridge Historic District sent a short questionnaire to each candidate asking their views on historic preservation. Included was a brief overview about the Covered  Bridge Historic District.

Here are the current candidates’ responses to the questions asked:

1. Will you support the formation of a citizen committee to develop Cobb guidelines for new construction inside historic districts in a manner that protects their unique character as was done at Clarkdale Mill in Austell?

Monique Sheffield: Yes.

Shelia Edwards: Once elected, I will support the formation of a citizen committee.

2. Other historic sites in District 4 have not been preserved despite their fragility, recognition of first nation dwellers, early settlers, historic buildings, etc..   As a commissioner will you support preservation efforts if developers buy land with intent to build on these locations that currently include recognized, unrecognized or designated historic artifacts, buildings, burial sites, etc.?

Monique Sheffield: Yes, I would support preservation efforts.  However, each case would bring a different set of circumstances and variables to consider when making a final decision. Each case would be carefully considered and a fair and equitable decision rendered.

Shelia Edwards: I will support preservation, but it cannot be done by regulations alone, especially as it relates to land that has been purchased for development. It will also require community involvement and education to increase responsibility and advocacy as well as creating partnerships with developers and educating them on the preservation value that may conflict with their land rights.

3. As commissioner are you committed to the continued support of the Covered Bridge in its present form and function?

Monique Sheffield: Yes

Shelia Edwards: YES

4. We recognize the need to reframe and widen preservation’s appeal to include first nation heritage, enslaved heritage, Af/Am heritage, and Hispanic heritage from the 20th century forward.  It’s a move to meld and honor everyone’s Cobb County contribution. This concept steps beyond simple name changes, etc. to one of seeing the past through a prism and not one lens.  As commissioner will you support not only us in this innovative approach but also other preservation groups?

Monique Sheffield: Yes.

Shelia Edwards: I would like to learn more about this question and gain a greater understanding before providing a response. As an African American, our history is intertwined with slavery and oppression, so I would like to understand this further before providing a response.

5. In 2008, voters approved a $40-million Cobb Park Bond, of which only $27.5 million has been allocated to date. Do you support allocating the reaming $12.5 million or a portion thereof during your term? Would you prioritize expanding existing green-space in District 4 with these funds?

Monique Sheffield: Yes. Yes.

Shelia Edwards: Yes.


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